Orient of the Minnesota Reunion

Brethren of the Minneapolis Valley:

I hope that you and your families are well … and safe. 

The COVID gathering restrictions in Minnesota are beginning to ease and it is obvious that our Masonic Brethren are yearning for the opportunity to gather again in Lodge. To encourage a safe return to our gatherings and at the request of our SGIG Tony Krall, Brothers from across the Orient have labored to develop, rehearse and present a unique Scottish Rite Reunion experience. 

On May 6th and May 7th, the Orient of Minnesota will host an event that – to be sure – has never happened before in Minnesota – a Scottish Rite Reunion combining Degree Communication using the Zoom meeting platform, followed by in-person degree performances at the Valleys across Minnesota.  

Over the course of the two evenings, we will communicate the eleven degrees of the Lodge of Perfection starting with the 4th Degree – Secret Master on Thursday evening.  The work will conclude on Friday evening with the communication of 14th Degree – Perfect Elu. 

Our Reunion Degrees will be presented starting at 6:30 PM on May 6th and again at 6:30 PM on May 7th. The Zoom meeting events will last approximately 90 minutes each evening. 

In the weeks that follow, candidates will be invited into their Valley where the remaining terminal degrees, the 18th, 30th, and 32nd will be presented by the Ritual Teams. 

Communication and membership teams from the Scottish Rite Valleys in Minnesota have communicated the details of the Reunion and we are excited that many Master Masons have petitioned to join the Scottish Rite in this Reunion. There is still time for Master Masons to submit petitions for the Reunion, but that time is drawing nigh. Petitions and the accompanying fees must be received in our Valley office by 5:30 PM on Tuesday, May 4th. 

The Zoom meeting platform has become ever-present since the onset of the pandemic and the platform allows us to reach Brethren from across the State of Minnesota, permitting them to participate in this first-ever event from their home. While our Zoom meetings on May 6th and 7th will not be Masonic Tyled meetings, we are taking precautions to restrict attendance to Scottish Rite Masons and candidates only. 

Registration is required for Scottish Rite Masons and candidates for the events on May 6 and 7. You will need to register only once for both events. A link to the online registration is here:


I encourage you to set aside even a part of your evenings on May 6th or 7th and enjoy the unique experience that our Brethren have prepared and support our newest Brethren of the Minneapolis Valley. 

Welcome from the Minneapolis Scottish Rite

On behalf of the Minneapolis Valley of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, I welcome you to our Valley website. I invite you to spend some time and explore the information we have published here.

Our Minneapolis Scottish Rite offers a remarkable experience for those Freemasons who have chosen to embark upon their journey for More Light in Masonry. Our historic Masonic Center is centrally located in the Lowry Hill neighborhood Minneapolis and has been our home for 106 years. Within our walls, Masons from across the State of Minnesota regularly meet to practice our gentle Craft and pursue the principles that have guided our institution for centuries – Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

Enjoy your visit here and please contact us if you need any additional information about our
Minneapolis Scottish Rite.

A Christmas message from the PR

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a Welcome the 2021 New Year

Greetings Brethren,

I wish each and every Brother of our Minneapolis Valley a belated Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May the joy of the holiday season inspire peace and contentment in your heart and in the hearts of everyone around the world.

I trust that many will join me in welcoming the end of the year 2020 – a year that has challenged us, our families, our society, and our gentle craft of Freemasonry. I cannot – nor can anyone – promise that 2021 will be a better year than 2020. We can already see that new challenges and new unknowns await us. We can and should however look forward to the new year with the strength of our shared experiences, our determination, and our hopes for meeting again soon in our Masonic Lodges. 

We will continue to look to our Grand Lodge Leaders for guidance on when and how it will be safe to gather again. I know that we can and will explore technology permitting us to gather with greatly minimized risk to our Brothers and ourselves. But until we can meet again, I again ask for your continued assistance with the following important actions:

  • Please continue to take the steps that you feel are necessary to keep you, your family, and others safe. 
  • Please reach out to your friends and Brothers and urge everyone to remain safe. If you hear of any Masonic Brother in need of assistance, please leave a telephone message with our Scottish Rite office at 612.871.1500 (or email our Secretary Ill. Ken Hill, 33° at secretary@aasrmn.org) and we will do what we can to help.
  • Please be respectful of others as they make their decisions to remain safe.

Minneapolis Valley Fall 2020 Reunion – CANCELLATION

A message from the Personal Representative

Brethren and Friends of the Minneapolis Valley,

Since mid-summer many dedicated Brethren of our Valley have labored to plan and prepare a unique Fall Reunion and welcome new Brothers to our Scottish Rite. We knew all along that we must accommodate the COVID edicts and guidelines established by the State of Minnesota and by our Grand Lodge and that it would take diligently efforts to keep our Brethren safe in the midst of the pandemic. I am intensely proud of what we have accomplished together to present the degrees of our Scottish Rite while at the same time keeping the safety of our Brethren at the forefront of all that we do.

The recent dramatic increase of COVID cases in Minnesota and in the U.S. has reminded us that there are still enormous and potentially dangerous factors outside of our control.

In consultation with our Valley leadership and with the assistance and the support of our SGIG Tony Krall, we have decided to cancel our planned Minneapolis Valley 30th Degree on Thursday, Nov. 12th and our 32nd Degree on Saturday, Nov. 14th.

I will ask our teams to begin planning for a resumption of our Reunion in mid January 2021 so that we can complete the 30th and 32nd Degrees for our candidates. Please know that this is only a plan and that we must take many other factors into consideration before we can safely gather our Brothers together. I promise to keep everyone updated as we plan for resuming our Degrees.

I thank all of our Brethren – especially those who have labored on behalf of our Valley to engage our new Brothers in the great journey that is Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Sincerely and Fraternally,