Master Craftsman Program

Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Education Program

The Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Education Program is designed and supported as individualized correspondence courses of study through the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, in Washington, D.C. It is intended to serve you in your search for Further Light, remembering always your sworn duty (27th degree, Knight of the Sun), that “​Masonic labor is to learn ­­ and teach others​.”

Morals and Dogma Spine

We recommend that new members begin with the Master Craftsman Program​, Scottish Rite History and Ritual,​ which consists of six sections, each with its own “open­book” test comprised of 20 multiple­choice questions and a short essay topic. This program is an extension of your degree table discussions, based on Arturo de Hoyes’ ​Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide ​and Rex Hutchens’ ​A Bridge to Light.​ These two fundamental texts are “working tools” of Scottish Rite Masonry. The objective of the course is to familiarize you both with the history of the Scottish Rite and with a basic knowledge of the form and philosophy of the Rite as demonstrated in the degrees. At the end of this course, you should have achieved four purposes:

  1. Gained a deeper and more thorough understanding of the Scottish Rite, its history and teachings
  2. Reviewed the form, symbols, and meaning of each degree and how degrees relate to one anotherin the emergent Masonic story
  3. Discovered something personally meaningful and useful in reflecting on these mysteries
  4. Be better able to answer others’ questions about Scottish Rite Masonry well and accurately

Each of the six tests is completed in turn and mailed in for assessment, and then that test and the next quiz is sent back to you. The course fee is $40 (plus postage and handling). The names of those who complete the program are recognized on the Master Craftsman plaque in the front hall.

You may also choose to begin with ​The Symbolic Lodge​, which is based on Albert. Pike’s ​Esoterika​and focuses on the Blue Lodge degrees and symbols as the foundation of all Masonry.

The third program, Scottish Rite Philosophy​, is based on Albert Pike’s ​Morals and Dogma​and Bridge to Light​ and is comprised of thirty­ three quizzes grouped into ten sections. With this challenging program, you receive all quizzes upfront in a custom three­ring binder, and mail the completed quizzes in a section at a time. Completion of​ ​Scottish Rite History and Ritual​is required as a prerequisite to this course. While this new program replaces the old Master Craftsman II, those working on MCII can continue and complete that program for credit.

Esoterica by Albert Pike

You can order the courses online anytime at​ Your Scottish Rite membership number is required when submitting the first quiz.

Questions about the program can be addressed by our Master Craftsman Program Chair Ryan Regnier

Master Craftsmen who have completed all or most of the Master Craftsman programs also can serve as mentors.

The Minneapolis Valley is a leading participant in the Master Craftsman Program. Brothers choosing to continue their search for Further Light through this program are not only building their own Masonic knowledge, but are contributing to the strength of our Valley. ​W​elcome to the Master Craftsman Education Program and the next step in your Masonic journey ​to more Light.